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Rob Miller

5 stars!
We were broke down calledAAA and they sent Dave’s towing! We were traveling with a 35ft camper and Ralph and his team all showed up and got our van and camper to where they needed to be in a timely manner! Great job Ralph!!


Jennifer Bond


It’s been a week but I’m finally getting a chance to give a shout to Leesha King Elka and staff at Dave’s Towing. My husband and I were on Vacation in Palm Bay Florida and needed a UHaul. We paid for a week plus a few extra days when we picked it up and I seen on my Facebook newsfeed that Dave’s had recently become a UHaul distributor. I immediately contacted them asking if we could drop our trailer off on Sunday (Easter Sunday at that) and I was told “No Problem”!!! However we ended up getting the trailer emptied and cleaned out on Saturday so I co reacted Leesha to see if we could drop it off a day early and she was very accommodating letting me know to just park it up by the building and she could send me my receipt via email!!!

THEN......two days later I noticed I had a $118 charge from Dave’s. Confused I called Leesha and asked what we were being charged $118 for. She immediately got on the phone with her “powers that be” and got everything figured out. Our money was refunded and we will now be loyal customers!!

Thank you for making a difficult time in our lives a little less hectic and taking such great care of us!!!


Alicia Marshall Lewis

August 31 · 

We were 3 hours from our home, traveling back from vacation when our truck died on the busy highway. We were hauling our 28 foot camper. Ralph and his associate brought two vehicles to haul our truck and camper back to his business. He let us stay inside his air conditioned office while he took my husband to a parts store , 30 minutes away to get a part. He called his diesel mechanic friend, Adam to diagnose the problem and learned that there was a recall on the part. We were so impressed with their integrity. Ralph arranged a ride back home for us and he towed the truck to the dealership the next morning. It was fixed the next day. We were very appreciative of his hospitality, kindness and character. Thank you so much for taking care of us. Ralph.... sure hope you shared the breadsticks with Adam.

Melissa Laney Frame

March 14 · 

We were driving through when we broke down a long way from home (NC). Ralph, Leesha and the entire crew went out of their way, above and beyond what anyone else would do, to help us get our truck fixed. They drove to get parts, worked on our truck, took us to get food, secured a hotel room for us and took us there. Even though it was a stressful situation, the courtesy, patience and care they showed us was absolutely amazing. We started off as customers and left as friends. Thank you all for your kindness and assistance.

Jenn Miracle

August 1 · 

we didn’t have a towing issue. we are from illinois and just on the road for a 30 mins and my niece had a bloody nose. we pulled off at the next exit hoping to find a gas station but we found dave’s towing instead so we stopped to see if we could use the bathroom and they even helped with stopping her nose bleed thank you so much. god definitely put us in the right place at the right time.

Laura Lillie

January 8 · 

What a great team! Ralph and his team saved the day after another company wouldn't. They showed up promptly, was polite and got right to work. The owner listened intently to my concerns, safely got the car out and let me know he thought it was ok. I truly appreciate their dedication to their job and customer service, makes all the difference.

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